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Jack Bauer: J'aime bien travailer avec toi, t'es sympa. Mais ne rentres jamais plus dans ce bureau pour me parler comme ça, est-ce que tu as bien compris?
24 Interview – Kiefer Sutherland parle de 24
23/12/2008 @ 22:32 Par k967 Catégorie : 24
Après une longue pause due à la grève des scénaristes, Kiefer Sutherland alias Jack Bauer est de retour avec la série ´24´. Il répond aux questions de THR, qui portent surtout la mort de personnages, comme Teri Bauer, ou encore Tony…
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After a lengthy hiatus due to last year´s WGA strike, Kiefer
Sutherland is back in action as Jack Bauer on Fox´s "24" — and also as
an Emmy-winning producer on the show. The two-hour prequel, "24:
Redemption," aired Nov. 23, tying up some loose ends from Season 6,
with Season 7 beginning Jan. 11. When he´s not wrapped up in
production, Sutherland can be found working his other job — as a
partner at record label Ironworks, which he runs with
singer-songwriter-producer Jude Cole, shepherding a roster that
includes edgy acts Rocco DeLuca & The Burden, Billy Boy on Poison,
and Honeyhoney, among others. Sutherland spoke with Noe Gold for The
Hollywood Reporter a few days before the prequel aired as he was laying
down tracks in the Ironworks studio and getting ready to do a junket
for the two-hour "24" offering.

The Hollywood Reporter: Because the show was on hiatus for so long, people probably don´t realize how intense your day-to-day life is.

Kiefer Sutherland:
"24" takes up an unbelievable amount of time. I´m really trying to do
everything to keep that moving forward. We´re already starting to deal
with Season 8.

A trailer I´ve seen for the prequel generates a lot of questions. What
can you tell me about the character Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard)? He
supposedly died in the last season, but he seems to have come back.

One of the things that´s really complicated about talking about "24" is
that you can´t really give anything away. One of the really clever
things the writers did was the manner in which he was brought back. His
death was part of a much larger conspiracy that is, in fact, Season 7.
One of the hardest things about shooting "24" is that I work with some
amazing actors and pretty much everybody gets killed. So you get used
to working with people you develop an unbelievable relationship with –
not only professionally but personally as well — and then their
characters die. So I was really happy when they brought him back.

THR: What about others who have left the show?

The first hard loss was Leslie Hope. She´s a phenomenal actor, someone
of whom I´m really fond. When they told me after the first season that
she was going to die, I was heartbroken. That was when I started to get
used to the fact that a lot of actors on our show weren´t going to be
there for as long as I would´ve liked.

THR: What were you doing during the hiatus after the writers strike?

That was a really frustrating time. We had very little contact with the
writers. After seven years (of working on the show), we were friends.
We talked on that level, but they were very strict about not even
talking about the show. (Co-executive producer) Jon Cassar and I were
thinking about which direction the show was going, so we had
conversations, but without the writers. It was really frustrating. It´s
a really limited process. We all had to stand down. We were very glad
when everything was resolved and we could go back to work.

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  1. I have been so bewildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

  2. ò maluco: tu dizes que o Mises se inspirou no S. Tomás de Aquino e eu pergunto-te: o que é que leste do S. Tomás de Aquino?E depois vens com a conversa dos escolásticos ibéricos e até eu já a sei de cor- é o mantra dos neotontos austríacos (o que quer que isso seja).Antes do 25 de Abril também havia assim umas seitas de patuscos que diferenciavam a Revolução pelas escolas dos gurus.

  3. If you needed more proof that George Lucas hates Star Wars fans… Why George? Why? Haven’t you got enough money yet? You were right, the studios were wrong. We get that now. Enough!

  4. Thank you so much for this article, it saved me time!

  5. I wouldn’t be srspriued to see FOX releasing some publicity photos / still shots from preliminary filming before the end of this calendar year. As for trailers / ads, I would bet money that FOX will run the first ones during the Super Bowl, just to get the word out on everyone’s radar. How much actual new filming is done by that time may not be that critical they could easily craft the first ads using footage from the first 8 seasons and then insert 2-3 brief clips of Kiefer in new footage, much as how many networks rev up the interest for a new season premiere by showing scenes from the previous season as a refresher .I also recall from past Kiefer interviews that 24 was often filming episodes in July-August for a January telecast. So, if the series airs in May, I would think they’ll begin filming some scenes in early December.Besides the visual ads, I’m hoping to read more details about how the new series will work the real-time format and some clues on what the plotline, characters/cast and locations will be by September/October, when the regular TV fall season arrives. One would expect that all of those elements have to be resolved before any filming begins.

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