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Redemption Résultats Saturn Awards 2009
27/06/2009 @ 00:10 Par k967 Catégorie : 24, Redemption

La 35e cérémonie des Saturn Awards a eu lieu, le téléfilm précédant la saison 7 intitulé Rédemption était nominé dans la catégorie « meilleure présentation télévision ». Découvrez les résultats…

9 917 lectures

Lost était la série la plus représentée lors de cette 35 ème cérémonie des Saturn Awards. 24 était également de la partie mais n’a pas été récompensé, c’est The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice qui a été élu meilleure présentation télévisée.

Meilleure présentation télévisée (unitaire)

- “24: Redemption”
- “The Andromeda Strain”
- “Breaking Bad”
- “Jericho”
- “The Last Templar”
- “The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice”.

A noter également que Katee Sackhoff qui a récemment rejoint le casting de la saison 8 était nominée dans la catégorie  « Meilleure actrice dans un second rôle à la télévision » pour son rôle dans la série Battlestar Galactica, mais elle n’a pas remporté le Saturn Award. Battlestar Galactica a quand même remporté trois awards au total.

Le listing des résultats complet sur critictoo.com.

Source: critictoo.com

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  1.  Eddie

    In, pretty much, full agermeent, with you Richard. As a « 24″ addict from the first season to this eight one. Yes, I did see it sagging in the middle when around seasons four to six the writers seemed to be lost for ideas and the plots became somewhat repetative. Yes, you do want them to give Jack a break (when Renee was killed in this season I thought it was a bit much after Terry and Audry it was plain cruel killing off any woman who even came close to him, and apart from Chloe there are few friends left breathing ). You want to burge into the writers’ brainstorming sessions and holler: enough with the nuclear devices, the torture scenes and the (fairly convaluted) moles storylines . But there is one thing about 24 no-one has ever touched on! and it’s worth more than just a mention. This series has been vilified as Bush era gang-ho neo conservative violence, mayhem fest. I say that unlike the quasi spiritual, psuedo liberal wank fest that lost was (and I have watched some of it, including the begining and closing episodes and lost patience) 24 dealt with some of the more pertinent and morally complex dilemas I can think of in a TV series with a lot of courage on the part of its writers and creators. For anyone who has been on Mars for the past 15 years this is a changed world we live in today This is a world changed by technology, by the potential for total inahalation not by states but by religious lunatics who care nothing for even their own lives idolising death, consecrating not only their own death but the murder of as many others as they can murder. This is the an era when what we have achieved in terms of a prevailing belief in democracy, the rule of law and the primacy of human rights, individual liberty and justice collides with its denial and attempt to destroy it by those who will not be swayed and who want to force a return to very dark times of the distant past to ignorance and cruelty well you get the point. This is the reality of our times that 24 deals with. As Jack tells Renee at the punultimate episode of season 7 you have to decide for yourself what you can live with and act accordingly This is also the first series to ever present at its core a black man with real power who, human and certainly not a saint; A rounded character NOT a cipher for anything and not a caricature and presnted as a great politician and leader. How much of that is responsible for paving the way for Obama I wouldn’t speculate but in 2001 it took some courage and foresight It did not just monolitically sketch the ENEMY! and there is much more besides. Just watch the current season. AS for the violence and torture scenes etc. It’s a rotten world we live in guys wake up and smell the explosives. I would like someone to really do justice to this series. I’ll be sad to see it go and hope they can come up with a plot for the film that will do justice to the series. (I have a few ideas!)

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