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David Palmer: Cela va encore être une dure journée. It's just gonna be another one of those days.
Tournage Saison 8 Le cast 24 saison 8 en image
24/11/2009 @ 09:23 Par spYz Catégorie : Saison 8, Tournage Saison 8

Voila la première image du casting de la saison 8 en image.

Tournage Saison 8
12 186 lectures

Voila la première image du casting de la saison 8 en image.

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  1.  Aline

    First, the only way X-Men vs. Street Fighter could be played on the Saturn was with the 4-meg RAM cart and that WAS idculned with the game in the box. You could get each the 4-meg cart & XMvsSF separately but X-Men will NOT work without it (you know, kind of like a PS3 game that REQUIRES a mandatory install, the 4meg cart is mandatory). At least Sega knew how pointless the game would be without being able to switch characters, and decided to give players a real arcade experience and not a half a$$ed one like the version on the PS1. I would love for LOT to do this h2h and you would see the Saturn version smash the sad sad ps1 version.As far as the other 2D fighters that don’t need the RAM cart your wrong again PS3RON. It is well known that Capcom heavily favored the Saturn because it was so close in architecture to their CPS-2 arcade system. If a h2h was done, on say Alpha 1, I would bet the PS1 loses in loading, sound, and I’m even going to say that the characters were bigger and more arcade looking on the SS then the PS1. SS would win in any 2D fighter matched against the PS1, and win in a landslide.LOT, please do a ps1 vs SS h2h on a Capcom fighter because I would love to know the details on each system. I would also love to see the Saturn get the respect it deserves. I have to agree with you on Castlevania: SOTN though. The Saturn had some extra areas but I’m pretty sure the Graphics and loading were inferior to the PS1. Okay, I admit I am a bit of a Saturn fanboy (a system that has been dead for 13 years) but I still know when to admit when it would lose. With Capcom games and against the PS1, the SS would never lose.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

  2.  TheMan

    J’trouve ça super de revoir de Renée!

  3.  TheMan

    J’adore la photo de groupe à New York et l’affiche de présentation ou on voit Jack à coté de la statut avec le logo mythique de 24! :)

  4.  k967

    trop classe la photo merci :) Vive Jack & Renee !

  5.  popol

    J’en connais que 4.

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